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Keynote - "An Overview of Serverless Architecture"

Monday, July 10

Speaker Information


Copeland Crisson is an Instructor at Collin College, here in North Texas. He teaches an array of classes in the IT program such as Electronics, IT Essentials, CCNA and CCNA Security to name a few. In addition, he is a Computer Networking Discipline Lead, also, at Collin. Prior to being an instructor, Crisson served in the U.S. Army, Signal Corp, for 4 years as a Microwave Radio Repair and Operation. He later worked at Texas Instruments in Software Engineer and Quality Assurance. During this time at Texas Instruments in Software Engineer and Quality Assurance, Crission began serving as an adjunct instructor at Collin and eventually became fulltime. He has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electronics Technology, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Master of Liberal Studies degree in Information Networking and Telecommunication.

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